Tuesday, November 23, 2010


You are beautiful, just the way you are. So am I. We all have unique things about us that make us beautiful. I just wanted to be perfectly clear. I've been on this journey for my entire life. It's kinda sad that it's taken me almost 30 years to come to this conclusion.

People may hate. People will always find something about you not to like. But instead of getting upset, look at the underlying reason for their hatred. There's something that you're obviously doing right, that they may not be.

Just let it go.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Booo on me

I'm not getting on the scale til November 10. I've gained weight. I can feel it. Last night I tried to go to the gym, but I got a flat tire, and the ensuing drama consumed the rest of the evening. Today will be different. Zumba after work with co-workers. Zumba after that with Carol. I don't have class this evening, so after Carol, going to the gym for arms and running. After that, kazaxe. I'll get back on track. Yaaaaaaay.