Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hey guys! I've been so bad about keeping a blog. I only have 6 minutes, so I'm going to cram in as much information as possible. Forgive me if this is messy and unorganized.

Since I've last been on here, I finished my 30 day challenge, and have begun a new one. THe last challenge didn't end very well...I started off strong, but faltered towards the end, as deadlines approached and stress mounted. I ended the 30 day challenge right where I started.

On Facebook, I asked for advice on what I should do next, since I was so tired of the plateauing. I considered going back on the cleanse, until one of my friends recommended raw foods. Hmmm...interesting idea, I thought.

I started doing raw foods last Friday. OMG. This is awesome. I'm a lot more lenient with myself than I was on the cleanse. I'm not the type to turn down free food lol, so if it's offered, I eat it, raw or not. This has helped me stick to raw foods, except for my one exception of cooked protein in the form of veggie burgers and tofu-products.

Today is day 7. I'm happy to report that I am 5.5 pounds down, and am now lower than I ever have been since the summer when I put on 30 pounds between 8th and 9th grade. I had established a weight range for myself of between 139 and 165 pounds. As of today, I am 184.5.

Busting through the 180s will be major for me. I vividly remember being 170-something and not having as many jigglies.

I started working out with a buddy, and she is awesome. I thought I knew everything about weight training at the gym, but I have a lot to learn. It's very beneficial working out with someone stronger, because it pushes me to be my best.

OMG they just made the announcement, so I've gotta go. Today, I will be able to eat real food, because I'm going to my parents' house later. Cannot wait :-D

Pictures coming soon =) Remember, I promised I'd restart them when I got under 185.

Love you guys! Muah.

Today's weight: 184.5 :-D :-D :-D
Total pounds down: 39.5
To 165: 19.5
To 139: 45.5

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 14

Hey guys! Today is Day 14 of my self-imposed 30 day regimen. I'm glad that I'm taking pictures so that I can compare the changes. Even though I'm only like 4 pounds down, I'm starting to see improvement, which is helping me break my scale addiction. I feel like now I'm in scale rehab, so to speak, with the Weight Watchers, which only lets you weigh in like once a week. I'm doing well so far, but every now and then, I cheat and hop on the scale on a Saturday or so, after a late night of eating and possibly grabbing a glass of wine. But one or two days of bad behavior never negates the positive changes that I made from five days a week of working out.

I'm sorta rambling because I want to listen to my coworker's story, so I'm typing while listening...sorry if the post is kind of jacked up. Without any further ado, here are the comparison shots. Day 1 vs. Day 14.

The difference looks striking, but really I've noticed that the first one is zoomed in kinda close, so that distorts things lol. Here's Day 7 vs. Day 14.

I think the extra workouts plus the no fast food helped a lot. Gotta go do some work...end of the semester is near. Aaaah! Lol.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pissed OFF!!!!

I just came back from my mile run. Today, I got a personal record. Why am I so pissed?


I should have been tipped off when I was walking around and my sensor didn't register that I was walking on it. Then it magically started working when I tried a second time.


Next, I started pushing myself...the hardest that I've EVER run! The Nike+ assured me that I was running an 11-minute mile. I was so excited! When I was at about 100 meters left, I was dripping sweat, like I never have before. I looked down at my iPod to see how much I was smashing my previous record of 13:08. It told me that I was now going 20 minutes per WTF???

I can easily walk a 20 minute mile. There's no way, as fast as I was going, that I was running one. Plus, I knew that the path I run is approximately half a mile around. I had started running even before I hit the path, and yet I found myself well into my third lap.

When I finished, my time was something like 13:50. On FB, I mistakenly put down that it was 13:30, but looking back, it was 13 minutes and 50 #$*@ing seconds.

So mad! I need a new sensor. I'll try again for the mile on Friday, but until then, I have the 5K on Wednesday. Joy.

Slow and Steady

I think I have found the secret to losing weight. Muhahaha. This has worked well for me the past couple of weeks, so I'm going to keep it up.

As you guys probably know, I'm doing the Weight Watchers Flex Plan. Basically, what it is, is that you get a specific number of "points" per day (I have 24), and you can eat whatever you want, up to that number of points.

You also have an additional 35 points per week, that you can use to splurge. Finally, you can accumulate even more points by working out (activity points).

Here's my system: Monday - Thursday, I try to accumulate all the activity points I can, through running, walking, Kazaxe, Powerflex, what have you. I try not to use any of my activity points until the weekend. Starting Friday, I start going crazy.

Saturdays, when I can, I will do Powerflex and double Kazaxe, to earn a whopping 20 points. That's almost a whole day's worth of points.

This plan is really paying off. I've lost weight consistently since I've been sticking to it. Last week was the only time I've gotten under 190, while not being either (a) on the cleanse, or (b) very ill. This week, I've lost another two pounds.

These are not the big numbers I've seen on the cleanse, but that's ok. It's consistent weight loss, and I've heard that it's recommended to only lose two pounds a week. When you lose quickly, you're more likely to put it back on (example A: how I went from 185 to 195 in the two weeks following the cleanse). Now, I'm back almost where I was at my lowest point during the cleanse.

Today on the schedule: run a mile, Powerflex, and double Kazaxe. I am so excited for Kazaxe this week, because I've made more new friends there, and we've spent the whole weekend hanging out. This makes it even more fun and interesting (as if that's even possible! lol). Kazaxe rocks!

Today's weight: 187.5
Total pounds down: 36.5
To 165: 22.5
To 139: 48.5
This week's goal: Double Kazaxe all week!