Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hey guys! I've been so bad about keeping a blog. I only have 6 minutes, so I'm going to cram in as much information as possible. Forgive me if this is messy and unorganized.

Since I've last been on here, I finished my 30 day challenge, and have begun a new one. THe last challenge didn't end very well...I started off strong, but faltered towards the end, as deadlines approached and stress mounted. I ended the 30 day challenge right where I started.

On Facebook, I asked for advice on what I should do next, since I was so tired of the plateauing. I considered going back on the cleanse, until one of my friends recommended raw foods. Hmmm...interesting idea, I thought.

I started doing raw foods last Friday. OMG. This is awesome. I'm a lot more lenient with myself than I was on the cleanse. I'm not the type to turn down free food lol, so if it's offered, I eat it, raw or not. This has helped me stick to raw foods, except for my one exception of cooked protein in the form of veggie burgers and tofu-products.

Today is day 7. I'm happy to report that I am 5.5 pounds down, and am now lower than I ever have been since the summer when I put on 30 pounds between 8th and 9th grade. I had established a weight range for myself of between 139 and 165 pounds. As of today, I am 184.5.

Busting through the 180s will be major for me. I vividly remember being 170-something and not having as many jigglies.

I started working out with a buddy, and she is awesome. I thought I knew everything about weight training at the gym, but I have a lot to learn. It's very beneficial working out with someone stronger, because it pushes me to be my best.

OMG they just made the announcement, so I've gotta go. Today, I will be able to eat real food, because I'm going to my parents' house later. Cannot wait :-D

Pictures coming soon =) Remember, I promised I'd restart them when I got under 185.

Love you guys! Muah.

Today's weight: 184.5 :-D :-D :-D
Total pounds down: 39.5
To 165: 19.5
To 139: 45.5

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