Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 14

Hey guys! Today is Day 14 of my self-imposed 30 day regimen. I'm glad that I'm taking pictures so that I can compare the changes. Even though I'm only like 4 pounds down, I'm starting to see improvement, which is helping me break my scale addiction. I feel like now I'm in scale rehab, so to speak, with the Weight Watchers, which only lets you weigh in like once a week. I'm doing well so far, but every now and then, I cheat and hop on the scale on a Saturday or so, after a late night of eating and possibly grabbing a glass of wine. But one or two days of bad behavior never negates the positive changes that I made from five days a week of working out.

I'm sorta rambling because I want to listen to my coworker's story, so I'm typing while listening...sorry if the post is kind of jacked up. Without any further ado, here are the comparison shots. Day 1 vs. Day 14.

The difference looks striking, but really I've noticed that the first one is zoomed in kinda close, so that distorts things lol. Here's Day 7 vs. Day 14.

I think the extra workouts plus the no fast food helped a lot. Gotta go do some work...end of the semester is near. Aaaah! Lol.


  1. Thumbs up! You seem to have found the formula. The progression is impressive.

  2. Thanks MT! That's so nice of you to say. Thanks for all the encouragement!