Monday, May 3, 2010

Pissed OFF!!!!

I just came back from my mile run. Today, I got a personal record. Why am I so pissed?


I should have been tipped off when I was walking around and my sensor didn't register that I was walking on it. Then it magically started working when I tried a second time.


Next, I started pushing myself...the hardest that I've EVER run! The Nike+ assured me that I was running an 11-minute mile. I was so excited! When I was at about 100 meters left, I was dripping sweat, like I never have before. I looked down at my iPod to see how much I was smashing my previous record of 13:08. It told me that I was now going 20 minutes per WTF???

I can easily walk a 20 minute mile. There's no way, as fast as I was going, that I was running one. Plus, I knew that the path I run is approximately half a mile around. I had started running even before I hit the path, and yet I found myself well into my third lap.

When I finished, my time was something like 13:50. On FB, I mistakenly put down that it was 13:30, but looking back, it was 13 minutes and 50 #$*@ing seconds.

So mad! I need a new sensor. I'll try again for the mile on Friday, but until then, I have the 5K on Wednesday. Joy.

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