Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Miss me?

Hey...ok, so here's the deal. I've been a bad blogger. A very, very bad blogger. It's been a month and a half since I last posted on this site. Totally not my fault.

Ok, it was.

Anyway I've been swamped, stressed, and basically just overwhelmed. A lot of things have been going on in my personal and professional life, where I just haven't had the time to write. Everything is good, though. Everything is normal now.

So, ummmm, what's new with you?

I'm on summer vacation now, but I'm not quite vacationing lol. Been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. This summer is not quite panning out the way I had hoped. I had envisioned much more sleep and much less waking up at the crack of dawn, but it's really all worth me :-D

Anyway, I was planning to be more on my diet/workout grind over summer break. It feels like summer's flying by, and here I the same spot where I started. Didn't gain, didn't lose.

It's not like I haven't been working out. I've been kaza-ing two or three times a day, been hitting the gym twice a week, yadda yadda yadda. But have I been running? NO! Have I been eating right? NO! Today's the day I turn it all around. Well, actually, I turn it around starting tonight, because I already cheated today because of a stray cat on my porch...don't ask.

I'm a Virgo, and we're notorious for planning. So, here we go!

- DO eat three times a day (breakfast: cereal; lunch: salad; dinner: veggie burgers)
Justification: I'm the kind of person who will either undereat or overeat. Three square meals will force me to be consistent, and not make my metabolism have MPD.

- DO work out at the gym five days a week (MW upper, abs, cardio; TR lower, abs, cardio; F cardio only)
Justification: Again, I'm all or nothing. I need to strike a balance and be consistent, so I don't burn out.

- DO include running in the cardio MWF
Justification: Running alone took 24 of the 35 pounds off me. Although I hate it, it's necessary for me. When I hurt my knee and stopped running, the weight stopped coming off. So gonna restart with the Nike+, on the treadmill, beginning today.

- DO sleep at least 8 hours per day
Justification: Sleeping is awesome.

Now here's where it gets tricky...


- DON'T get on the scale until I go back to work (scary!!!!)
Justification: I'm a scale junkie, and this is very bad when you're both afraid of success and afraid of failure at the same time. No wonder I've been plateauing!

- DON'T drink soda(ish)
Justification: Soda is empty calories...but what happens when the soda has no calories? Hmmm, still not good, but I'll definitely try to limit my diet coke intake.

- DON'T eat fried food (that much)
Justification: Fried tofu is the bomb, and I just bought a fry daddy. So that's awesome, but mozzarella sticks and french fries are not so awesome. So I'm definitely gonna cut back on my faves big time.

- DON'T drink alcohol (at the club)
Justification: Alcohol costs money. I don't have that much. While there's nothing wrong with drinking some wine over at somebody's house now and then, $60 bar tabs SUCK! So none of that.

So that's it. The hardest part will be staying off the scale, because you know how much of a scale junkie I am. OMG but wish me luck. I can do it. It's only 41 days (minus the three blackouts makes 38). I'm not going to die!

The goal is by the beginning of the school year, to be in a size 10 (you heard me...10!!!) and be somewhere in the neighborhood of 160ish pounds. It will be hard, but it's doable.

The current status...I'm in a 12/14 now. I'm currently fluctuating between 187 and 190 pounds. So I need to lose 2 dress sizes and at least 21 pounds, in 38 days. Like I said...totally doable.

I'm not supposed to be typing this right now, so forgive me if it's disorganized. I'm gonna come back and clean it up, and add emphasis to the fact that I'm staying off the scale for 41 friggin' days!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

Ok I'm done. Holla.


  1. Good to see you back. Your goal is realistic (about 2 pounds/day). Cheering for you...
    Go Janexx! Go Janexx! Go Janexx! GO!!!
    There is plenty of time left to enjoy. Have fun.

  2. Good luck w/ staying off the scale! It's one of my favorite things to do:) I dread the "weigh-in." Even if I have been doing everything right.

  3. Thanks ladies! I love the motivation. @MT haha thanks for the cheers, they mean a lot. @Csoulscribe lol me too! I made a promise to myself to stay off the scale as much as possible. So hopefully I can continue to stick to it.