Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 6

So here's the deal...I'm doing this self-imposed 30 day challenge, right? Today is technically day 6. I was supposed to stick to the plan for 30 days, which meant running three days a week, running two days a week, Kazaxe five days a week, and sticking to my weight watchers plan.

Running: check
Walking: check
Kazaxe: check
Weight Watchers: *buzzer*

OMG this kid was just walking down the hallway talking about Krabby patties (from Spongebob). Sorry. Random.

Anyway, I've been so good with the working out, and even threw in a little bit of Powerflex for good measure. I was actually doing pretty well with the Weight Watchers, until the weekend, especially Saturday. Saturday, I had Chipotle. I had Rita's. I had mozzarella sticks. Insanity.

I cheated a little bit and hopped on the scale Saturday morning, because I needed motivation to go to the gym. My weight was way below what I expected. This made me happy, so I worked my booty off for three hours. Then, later, my friend and I went to Chipotle. Afterwards, I went to the gym with with my other friend and ran two miles. Then we were hungry, and decided to go to Fridays. I was going to be semi-good and just get breadsticks and diet coke, but we couldn't find anywhere to sit, so we went to Applebee's, which has even less selection for vegetarians (as if that's possible), so I ended up getting cheese sticks. For shame.

Yesterday, there was more of the same misbehavior. What's even worse was that yesterday was my built in chill day for the week (i.e. no working out). I cut out all the nonsense by 5 p.m.

Not surprisingly, I have lost weight since last week due to 4.5 days of sticking to the plan. However, I have gained like a pound and a half since Saturday. That's exactly why I need to stay off the scale until Mondays. While I should be happy with my weekly progress, I am pissed at myself, since I could have done so much better.

Today, I'm determined to make up for my slacking. Monday through Thursday are always easy, because I wake up, go to work, maybe go to class, then go to Kazaxe. It's a very simple routine. Friday, there is no Kazaxe to keep me occupied. I need to find another workout class to fill in the void.

Anyway, on the schedule for today, I'm planning to run a mile, then later, do Pumpaxe and then Kazaxe. Pumpaxe is the Kazaxe place's version of Powerflex lol. Instead of using free weights, we use resistance bands. It kicks my booty. Happy happy, joy joy.

Today's weight: 189.5
Total pounds down: 34.5
To 165: 24.5
To 139: 50.5
This week's goal: No fast food.

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