Sunday, October 10, 2010


Lol everybody's making such a big deal about today's date on FB that I had to post the date as today's title. Don't you love the new millenium? Every year, until two years from now, there's an interesting date like that when everybody starts freaking out and saying the world will explode. We're obviously still here, so I don't buy into those theories. The Y2K theory kinda freaked me out 10 years ago, but we obviously didn't have technical armageddon. Sooooo anyway...yeah.

I usually don't work out on the weekends. Friday, I didn't work out at all...just went to Olive Garden and karaoke. Yesterday, Gym Buddy and I went to Bally's and worked out HARD CORE! And believe me, when I say "hard core," I mean it. On the treadmill, I enjoyed a small victory, when I ran consecutively for 18 out of 20 minutes. I ran for over a mile, increasing the speed from 4.0 to 5.0 in small increments. It hurt like hell, but I kept telling myself that if I stopped, I'd be so disappointed in myself. So I kept going and going like the energizer bunny. I was so happy when it was over. So, now I know that I can run a mile nonstop. The kid is back! Gonna attempt to take it up to two, but I'll leave it at that so I don't injure my knee again.

After the treadmill, we went on the Stairmaster, aka Hell on Earth. I hate that damn thing. I can never do it right. Last time, I kept it at a level 1 pretty much the whole time. Yesterday, I attempted a level 5, which I maintained for a little while. Then I got really tired. I turned it down to a level 1 to catch my wind, then went to a 2 once I felt comfortable enough to do so. If I keep at it, I will probably get better at it soon.

We did the Stairmaster for 10 minutes. After that, we did an upper body workout by lifting weights, then abs. Theres another Hell-on-Earth machine at the gym, which is like a really high chair with no seat, and you have to lift your legs up. That thing freaks me out. I tried to do it, but my side pecs were screaming. Instead I did the situp board, which hurt like hell.

Last night, I went to my godson's birthday party. Didn't eat much. Then I went to the club with a bunch of friends. We had a really good time. I met a guy who seems to be cool, too. However, after the fun at the club, I was starving, so a couple of friends and I went to iHop. Bad, bad, bad. I had some mozzarella sticks and onion rings. Horrible! But it is what it is.

Now I'm up and about to go to my parents' house. If you remember, today was my day to weigh in. Here are my stats:

Weight: 197.6 (Up from 194.6)
Body Fat Percentage: 39.9% (Down from 41.0)
Total Body Water Percentage: 43.4% (Up from 42.6)
Muscle Mass: 112.8 (up from 109)
Physique Rating (1-9): 3 (Stayed the same)
BMR (aka calories body burns at rest): 1672 (Up from 1624)
Metabolic age: 50 (Stayed the same)
Bone Mass: 6.0 (Up from 5.8)
Visceral Fat: 7 (Down from 8)

So pretty much here's my interpretation:

Weight: I'm up 3 pounds, but apparently it's 3 pounds of muscle (and then some). So I'm not concerned.

Body fat percentage: I'm so geeked about this one. I have never been in the 30 percentile range. It's always 40 - 45. Although I know this is not far from 40, it's still significantly lower than it was two weeks ago.

Body water: I think this is good. I haven't been drinking more water, but I have been eating lettuce on my sandwiches almost every day. So yay.

Muscle mass: It's always good to gain muscle weight, even if it affects your overall weight. It burns more fat, as it obviously has done.

BMR: This is how many calories your body burns at rest. I'm glad it went up because I get to eat more lolol.

Metabolic age: No comment.

Bone mass: I gained .2 pounds of bone it appears. That's awesome, because I was concerned at first about how low the number was, as opposed to 5 years ago, when it was in the high 6 range.

Visceral fat level: This number reflects the amount of fat around your organs. I don't know what number would be considered good, or what number would be considered bad, but in any case, I'm glad the level has gone down.

The next time I'm weighing in with full details will be October 25. I figured today will be the best cheat date, since I just weighed in, so I'm moving cheat day to days such as this. Not counting calories today or drinking my magic slim tea. Tomorrow, back to the grind. TTFN!

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