Monday, October 25, 2010

The Friendly Fever

Hey guys...I've been pretty silent lately because I've been knocked out of commission by a little bug. Thursday night, after Zumba, I knew I was coming down with something. By Friday morning, I had a fever and couldn't go to work. Couldn't work out either, much to my dismay; however, I ended up losing crazy weight, no matter how much I decided to pig out. For a split second, I got a taste of how it felt to be one of those people with high metabolisms that I envy so much lol.

Anyway, today I'm back at work, and feeling like I should have taken one more sick day. Yesterday, I was pretty much feeling like a million bucks, but today not so much. I had even packed a workout bag, thinking that I would hit up Zumba after class tonight. But now I'm thinking that's not such a good idea. I'll take one more day and get myself together. Tomorrow, I'll go all out as I intended, if I'm feeling alright. Plan for tomorrow: 5 pm Zumba, 6 pm workout, 8 pm Zumba...yeaaaaahhhhhhh booyyyyyyyy!!!

Today is October 25, and that means that it's check-in/cheat day. I use my fancy schmancy scale to measure my progress on the 10th and 25th of each month. This day is also my cheat day, where I don't count calories, and basically pig out hehe. Today, when I got on the scale, I wasn't happy with what I saw. Yeah, I lost like 4 pounds in two weeks, but my body fat percentage went up, meaning that basically all the weight I lost while I was sick was muscle mass. Boo on that. So, hopefully tomorrow, I will be good enough to go back to the gym, and start building back that muscle that I lost.

The Results

Weight: 193.6 (Down from 197.6)
Body Fat Percentage: 40.8% (Up from 39.9)
Total Body Water Percentage: 42.7% (Down from 43.4)
Muscle Mass: 109 (Down from 112.8)
Physique Rating (1-9): 3 (Stayed the same)
BMR (aka calories body burns at rest): 1622 (Down from 1672)
Metabolic age: 50 (Stayed the same)
Bone Mass: 5.8 (Down from 6.0)
Visceral Fat: 7 (Stayed the same)

By November 10 (next full weigh-in), I want to be at 189.9 or lower, with a body fat percentage in the low 39s. Fingers crossed :) TTFN.

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