Friday, October 8, 2010


I gained back some of the water weight that I miraculously took off yesterday. Water weight = false hope lol.

Well, all in all, I have a net loss of .4 pounds since Wednesday, which averages out to .2 pounds per day, which would be 36 pounds per school year. So I won't beat myself up.

I kinda expected this, considering Thursday is the day of the week when I really can't work out. I did half an hour of Zumba, but when you're used to doing a full hour, plus hitting the gym afterwards, your body won't really reflect much progress.

Fridays I don't usually go to the gym, but I think I'll start today. Tomorrow, I'll hit the weights in the morning, then hit Kazaxe for an hour, then Zumba. I need this because I have two parties to attend later that day: one for my godson, and one for Gym Buddy's sister. So this way, I can pig out at the parties with no guilt. But of course, I won't pig out too much :)

Sunday is the moment of truth, when I weigh in with all of the fancy bells and whistles on the scale. I'll see how far I've come (or fallen) in two weeks. I already know I've gained a couple of pounds, but I'm not concerned about that, because it's muscle mass. As long as I stick to what I'm doing, it will come off soon, once my metabolism starts working again lol.

That's about it for me. TTFN.

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