Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm doing it!!!

I'm sitting here with my Fiji water...go me! I'm making myself drink this before I drink my sweetened diet tea, and especially my diet coke. This is a major accomplishment for me, because I think I haven't willingly drank a bottle of water in months. For shame, for shame. Well, at least I'm moving in a good direction.

Happy hump day everybody! Two more days until the weekend! Although I'm excited, I'm also terrified. The weekend is both my best friend, and my greatest diet saboteur. I had this same problem last year, when I had hit roughly the 20 pound mark. I was seeing a young man who liked to hang out with me on Sundays, watching football and ordering pizza. At first, my willpower was strong, and I'd turn down his junk food offers. However, when the pounds started coming up, I kept thinking, "ah, just one day a week won't hurt." Soon, I got into the routine of losing five or six pounds during the week, then gaining back every single pound in one or two days.

This has been the situation pretty much since. Although I am now single, I still seem to "wash my hands and dry them on the ground," as my mother would say. I need to break this cycle FAST, or I will continue going nowhere. But how???

First of all, I really need to consistently work out every day, if possible. I do great Monday-Wednesday, but Thursday I can only get half an hour in before class. Friday, I hang out with buddies and either play video games at home, go out to eat, or go sing karaoke. While it's great to have a social life, maybe we can find a fun activity to get us anyone?

Saturdays are hit or miss. I was doing well for a while, going to Powerflex and double Zumba, but I pretty much stopped that in May when I injured my knee. Maybe I don't need to go so super-hardcore. Last week, Gym Buddy and I ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes, then did the Stairmaster, then lifted. That was pretty good.

The problem with Saturdays, though, is that there's so many opportunities to go off-track. There are parties, restaurants, clubbing...AAAAAHHHH!!! It's scary. Like I said, I want to have a social life, but I really need to find that balance between being a wallflower and a "partee animul," as one of my friends says. Lately it's been the latter. Maybe clubbing isn't so bad, because you get to dance, but I really need to watch my calories in the evening.

Sundays are the double-tap to my diet (a la Zombieland). After going all partee animul the night before, there's no Zumba class to undo the damage that I've done. This would be another good time to go to the gym. I need to be more self-motivated, so I can do this and keep the ball rolling.

Every new day is an opportunity to be better :)

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