Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Humpty Dumpty

I'm very proud of myself for staying off my leg yesterday and giving it a chance to heal. Like I've said many times before, I have an all-or-nothing type of personality sometimes, especially when it comes to dieting or exercise. This has been my Achilles' heel, and the reason that I've never experienced success like this before.

Yesterday, I didn't even go to Zumba like I said I would, and that's a major step for me. Usually, I end up doing something stupid like pushing through the pain, and injuring myself even more. When I don't try to do this, I end up beating myself up for thinking I could have done more. That's usually a by-product of weighing in daily, and not seeing the numbers going in the direction I want.

With the Weight Watchers, I'm getting used to not weighing in every day. As long as I stick to my points, I trust that I will lose weight over the course of a week. This is a huge burden lifted off my shoulders, because I know that having an off-day here or there will not jeopardize six days of progress.

My leg feels good as new. That heat pack that my mom got me was excellent. I came to find out that it was knee pain that I was experiencing, not thigh pain. When pain is shooting through your leg, it's sometimes hard to identify the exact source.

The thigh pain was wishful thinking. I'd much rather pull a muscle than have knee issues. I know so many folks that can no longer run, or have had to have surgery to correct knee issues. At best, they have to wrap their knees or run with a knee brace. I better take it easy. Thankfully, today I'm running on a treadmill for the hilly course again. I don't have time to tackle the hilly monster outside my door before dark today. So, I'll hit the treadmill on my lunch break, and that will absorb most of the stress on my knee.

Later: Zumba, P90X (Day 3, although I skipped Days 1 and 2), One Hundred Pushups (Day 2). Great.


  1. Good job, you are definitely doing the best thing for you, and your steady progress and mindset show it. Keep it up you're doing great!

  2. Thanks Reesie! I appreciate it :)