Saturday, March 6, 2010

I love this...

I borrowed this from another blog that I just started following today. This is like one of those Myspace surveys, but not really. It's questions to ask yourself about weight loss. So I'm plugging in my answers to some of the questions (it's sorta redundant, so all 100 would be overkill). You should try it too!

1. Do you want to lose weight? Yup.

10. Have you reconciled yourself to the fact that this is a lifetime pursuit? Absolutely. That's what's scared me away in the past.

15. If you’re almost done, do you realize just how easy it would be to yo-yo back? Seeing that now.

17. Have you gone through it before? Not to this extent.

19. Like me, are you making a pledge to never let that happen again? Absotoodleootly.

20. Do you eat more than normal right after a weigh-in? LOL! Yes.

23-24. If you’re cheating, do you realize that nobody really cares? That you’re only cheating yourself? But of course.

26. Have you really committed yourself to this journey? Si.

33. Got health problems? Nothing besides a lil asthma, that's under control.

36. Do you like the way you look? Liking it better now, but still not 100% satisfied.

37. Like the way clothes fit on you? I'll like it better when I'm in a size 8 lol.

38. Aren’t you ready to start loving the way you look and being proud of the way clothes fit on you? I already do.

39. Ready to get a kick out of shopping again? Hell yes

40. Have you exercised today? I blew off the Powerflex, and I'm planning to blow off the 12:50 Zumba. I'm going for the 2:00.

41. Have you soaked your shirt with sweat? Um no...I don't sweat that much.

42. Will you work out tomorrow? Yup. 10 am spinning class (if I can get up that early after DJing a party tonight).

43. Do you sleep better when you’re exercising regularly? Actually no.

44. Is your stress more manageable? The stress disappears during my workouts.

53. How many situps can you do? Probably 100 at once.

58. How many pushups? Zero good ones. I have a bum wrist, so I have to do them on my knuckles, and that hurts. I'm going to try and work up to doing a good one. It will probably be easier, the more weight I lose.

63. Do you eat out a lot? Sometimes.

65. Do you tell yourself that you’re a terrible cook? I'm not great, but I'm definitely not terrible.

71. How are you doing this week? Doing well in the workouts, not so well on the dieting. So I joined Weight Watchers online for an extra boost.

73. Doing solid work or slipping and sliding? Lol this week is rough.

74. Looking forward to your next weigh-in or dreading it? Dreading it. Too many social functions this weekend.

80. Do you sabotage yourself? I may have a small fear of success sometimes.

82. Why do you suppose that is? I'm not sure. I guess I'm just nervous about change, even when it's positive.

83. Does this blogging stuff help you as much as it does me? YES! Full disclosure helps, and so does all of the encouragement.

89. Are you confident that this is the time when it’s really going to happen for you? God I hope so.

97. Would you believe me if I told you that you’re so much stronger than you think you are? I found out that I have a lot more willpower than I had ever imagined.

Whew! That was fun lol.

I signed up today for Weight Watchers online. Going to the meetings is mad expensive, and I think it would cut into my gym time, which is counterproductive. So this online thing is great, where I can count points. It worked for me in the past, and I think it's just the boost I need to get me over this hurdle. I also like it because I can eat pretty much whatever I want, as long as I stay in my points range. Points are based on calories, fat, and fiber. I dunno how they get to the magic number, but it works!

I'm so frustrated because everything I want to eat is like 15 points, and I only have 25 for the day. I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast, which was 2 points. I'll see what I have here at home that I can eat for like 6 more points. Then I'm going to Zumba, so I can earn extra points. I feel like a little kid who's earning gold stars. Haha.

After Zumba, my parents and I are going to eat at this Indian/Pakistani place. I'm planning on having 2 samosas (3 points each) and some naan (4 points), and for dessert, some frozen yogurt from Ritas (3 more points). That will bring me to 18, minus the three I burned in Zumba.

I'm going to a party tonight, where I suspect I'll use my final 10 points on chips, dips, and whatever else there is. I'm going to try and be good, even though today is technically the day I set aside to be bad. If I run out of points, I can use any of my extra 35 points they give you for the week, JUST NOT ALL OF THEM AT ONCE! Lol I've done that before on a couple of occasions, but I was younger and not as disciplined.

I'm pushing off tomorrow's weigh-in until Monday, where it's technically supposed to be. I'm not too concerned about this weigh-in, but I'll find out next week if the Weight Watchers online program is worth the $18 a month.

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