Friday, March 5, 2010

The Kid...Will Be Right Back!

Today wasn't such a good day for me on the scales. I gained a pound from yesterday, despite being under my calorie limit and working out. I have no idea what happened. This morning, I "accidentally" left my iPhone at home, with the calorie counting app. I also had a donut for breakfast. This is a bad beginning. Musicow2 gave me the advice not to weigh myself every day. I think I should listen lol. So no weigh-in tomorrow.

I'm also very lethargic. I'm tempted to skip out on my run, but I can't. Once I start missing runs, I fall off the wagon and have to start from scratch. Running is the foundation to my weight loss. So, 4 miles it is. I'm wondering if I should run on my break at 10, to just get it over with, or put my head down at 10 for a few minutes and run around 2:30. Hmmmm. Let me see.

Option 1: Running at 10 am

It's early
I can get it over with
There will be less congestion in the bus circle
Less people will be watching me, so I'll be less uncomfortable


Too cold
I'm tired
High school kids cutting class will laugh at me
My muscles won't be as warm for the after-school workout group

Option 2: Running at 2:30

I may be more awake
High school kids won't be around to laugh at me
It's warmer


The longer I wait, the more likely I'll blow it off
Congested bus loop
Co-workers will be looking at me, so I may be embarrassed
People are always trying to talk to me, which throws off my focus

Decision: I'll drink my coffee and Red Bull until 10, and run then.

I'm going to weigh in Sunday, but I'm not expecting a big loss, since I'm not counting calories today and tomorrow. Today, there's an impromptu happy hour at my job, plus a Haiti fundraiser, and maybe salsa dancing. Tomorrow, my co-worker is having a party. Hopefully my 4 miles and working out covers today, and my Powerflex and double Zumba covers me for tomorrow.

Gotta go teach. I'm sure I'll write more later.

Weight: 191
Total weight lost: 33
To 165: 26
To 139: 52
Next weigh-in:
Sunday, bright and early (It's probably not going to be pretty!)

Update: I left my iPhone at home today, so I went to get it, so I could make sure I ran exactly 4 miles. I'm pushing the run to 2:30.

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