Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ow! I Feel Bad! (aka Left Thigh, Cuz the Thigh is Right)

Aaaargh my leg is in pain! Yesterday was too much, with the running, then the sprinting, then like 5 minutes of P90X, then Zumba. This is the second time in two weeks my thigh is having issues. I'm about to bring my heat pack to work, and stay off it (except for Zumba, which won't hurt it too badly).

Today on the schedule, like I said, is just Zumba. I would do Powerflex but classes are back in session. If my leg feels up to it, I may try some P90X, but I have like no time today. So it would have to be on my lunch break.

Gotta run (no, not literally). I have 6 minutes to get out of this house, because where I live, Tuesdays are the days with the worst traffic.

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