Friday, March 5, 2010

Weight Loss OCD?

What is with me, with all of these strange rituals I seem to impose on myself on this journey?

Exhibit A:
Refusing to post a picture until I'm under 185.

Exhibit B:
Planning to weigh in daily, until I'm under 190, every other day until I'm under 180, every THIRD day until I'm under 170, yadda yadda yadda...

Exhibit C:
Having to start my running playlist with the exact song I left off with the previous day.

Seriously, what's with that? Am I just a super-Virgo, or do I have issues? That is the question. Oh well, as in other aspects of my life, I'm content in my weirdness :-D


  1. ha! i think maybe you do have weight loss OCD. but you're not alone! :)

    by the way, my first name is you can think of me that way instead of "musicow2"! :)

    so let me just tell you that i weighed in at medi today for my four week check-in on the wellness phase...and i've gained a little over 2 lbs. BUT - my waist circumference is the same, my body fat percentage is the same, and it looks like the weight was all water (i did have sushi last night, lots of water-retaining sodium).

    all of that to say, i could EASILY freak out that i'm starting to gain some weight back but i'm not going to because everything else looks the same. weight isn't the "end all, be all" of how well you're doing. just because you're eating the right amount of calories and exercising doesn't automatically mean POUNDS will come off.

    start looking at how your clothes are fitting you and consider measuring yourself weekly with a tape measure (but do more than just the waist - do your thighs and arms and hips too) to have a more realistic gauge on how well you're doing.

    after all, the main point is to lose FAT and gain muscle so that you'll be healthier and look better in your clothes, right? gaining muscle means gaining just don't be freaked out by a weight gain.

    okay. off soap box now. going to bed so i can wake up early tomorrow to work off the crap that i ate today (um...i had donut holes...we're kind of in the same boat !).

  2. Lol it seriously wouldn't surprise me! There probably hasn't been a single day in my life, after maybe age 5 or 6, where I haven't thought of weight loss.

    Ok, thanks! Hey Melissa :-D

    Wow, that's what's up! Two pounds in four weeks is you've shown, you're maintaining. Keep up the good work. Your pictures on your blog are amazing.

    The tape measure is a really good idea. Thanks. I was thinking about doing it monthly, but I haven't really stuck to it. Tomorrow, I'm going to try on the size 12 dream jeans I have hanging in my closet, to see if I've gotten any closer to wearing them.

    Aaaah I feel your pain lol. I'm going to do at least an hour of Zumba. Maybe 2. I'll hit Powerflex if I'm not hurting too badly for sleep.