Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cheater, Cheater, Tofu Eater!

Today when I got on the scale, it couldn't decide if I was 187.5 or 188. I'm happy that it finally landed on 187.5. While I'm not losing weight as fast as I was before the cleanse, I'm happy that I'm starting to actually lose weight again, instead of gaining it. I'm sure that as the days go by, my metabolism will pick back up. Before I know it, I should be under 185, where I was on Monday.

Day 18 of the cleanse is the one where you're supposed to add potatoes back into the mix. Since I'm a starch-etarian, I figured that I'd be super-excited about it. I was last night, but the truth is, I'm just happy to be able to eat after the hell I put my body through last week. I'm actually kind of mad that the potatoes are taking up so many calories today.

I've stuck to the cleanse for the most part so far, but I haven't been 100% dedicated, especially when food was reintroduced. Like I said before, I added veggie protein into my food six days early. There was probably no practical need to do so. I just hate salads, and convinced myself that I needed the tofu and veggie burgers because I was working out.

Yesterday, I was starving after eating only watermelon and a tangerine for lunch, so I looked on my work's website, and saw that they were having my favorite! Stuffed shells and garlic bread. While I was able to resist the temptation of the cheese-stuffed shells (which I'm not supposed to have at all on the cleanse), I did cheat and have 3 pieces of garlic bread.

I'm not supposed to have bread until tomorrow, but I told myself that if the meat-eaters can eat garlic bread on their cleanse, it wouldn't be too bad if I ate it too. Plus, each piece was only 58 calories, so how bad could it be?

I soon found out there's a reason why I was supposed to wait for the bread. About five seconds after I ate the first piece of bread, I was in pain. But it didn't matter! The bread was so yummy, I ate all three pieces. Muhahaha. I didn't have to run to the bathroom or anything like I did the first day I ate solid food, but the next hour was very uncomfortable.

Today, I'm doing the potato thing, the juice thing, and the apples thing. I'm gonna try and burn off all the starches later with Zumba, and maybe Powerflex if I can find a class that fits in my schedule. Yesterday, I touched my side and I felt oblique muscles for the first time ever. So, I'm encouraged.

Since I now know that I'm slowly starting to lose weight instead of gain it, I can put off my weigh-in until Saturday morning. Hopefully I'll be under 185 so I can take a picture :-D

Weight: 187.5(ish)
Total weight lost: 36.5
To 165: 22.5
To 139: 48.5
Days left on cleanse: 3
Next scheduled weigh-in: Saturday

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