Friday, February 19, 2010

Fighting Temptation

The theme of today seems to be fighting temptation. Everyone is offering me yummy food. I've had to reject like 5 or 6 offers today. Some people may say that my will is being tested! This is just way too coincidental.

Things were great this morning, when I woke up for the second time. I was so content with my cranberry juice, that I almost forgot how much I miss food. While driving to work, I checked my email (at a red light, people!) and saw that someone was bringing in donuts. But, it got worse...

...when I got to work, I found that there weren't just donuts, there was an entire breakfast, sitting there, for the staff! Surprise! There were pancakes, potatoes, fruits, and juices. Three different people told me to get a plate, get some fruit, get at least some juice, but my response was always, "Sorry. Can't. On a diet." I barely dodged THAT bullet. But, it got worse... I was sitting at my desk, trying to forget about the breakfast that was calling my name in the conference room, my work twin (we have the same birthday) came around to deliver the Girl Scout cookies that I ordered from her daughter in early January, when I didn't even know I was going to do the cleanse. I asked her to hold the cookies for me until March 1, and not to listen to me, no matter how badly I bugged her for them. She agreed. Whew. Dodged THAT bullet. But, it got worse... lunch, as I was drinking my apple juice, I glanced over and saw my work twin eating the MOST DELICIOUS-LOOKING SALAD I'VE EVER SEEN. It even had vegetarian imitation chicken on top. It smelled soooooo good. But thankfully, I was able to enjoy it vicariously, through the smell. Whew. I was able to dodge THAT bullet. But, it got worse...(am I the only one noticing a trend here???)

...while I was teaching my last class of the day, another coworker popped in with some Oreo cookies to share with my class and me. They looked sooooooo delicious! But once again, my response was, "Thanks. Can't though. On a diet." I enviously watched my students chow down on the yummy treats, but I was proud of myself for dodging THAT bullet. But, (all together now) it got worse... now I'm sitting here in my office, typing this blog post. Ten minutes ago, a little girl and her mom knock on my door. I'll give you one guess why they were there. Time's up. It was the little girl's birthday, and they were coming around to give me a cupcake. For the third time today, my response was, "Thanks, but I can't. On a diet." They left a cupcake on my co-worker's desk for her, because she's not in the room. So now, every time I glance over, there's this yummy-looking cupcake staring back at me.

My goodness, I hope it won't get any worse! Never in one day have there been all of these temptations. It is an amazing coincidence.

This has been, by far, the worst day of the cleanse. I originally thought it would have been yesterday, with only the water. But no. After making it through yesterday without cheating, I think I should be rewarded! With solid food! *sigh* But no...I am being rewarded. This weight is dropping off. So I should stop whining and be thankful.

I'll be super-thankful on Monday, when I can have a salad like my work-twin. This is the first time that I've ever been anxious for the weekend to be over.

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  1. your willpower is amazing. I still don't think going that long without food, but I understand.. we all try different things! Good luck this wknd. PT Girl xo

  2. Thanks PT Girl! I really appreciate the encouragement on here, and on Twitter. The food will be back relatively soon, so I'm really looking forward to it haha. This is the first time that I've been so excited about fruit! I guess the cleanse is reshaping the way I look at food.

  3. What cleanse are you following? Is there a particular book you'd recommend?

  4. Hey! I'm not sure exactly what it's called, but I'm about to post it in detail.