Sunday, February 21, 2010


This morning when I woke up, I had a scary, familiar thought. I'm tired. Why not sleep in and skip the workouts?

Although it seems innocent enough, this is very dangerous to my momentum. Whenever I wake up with this in my head, it leads to a vicious cycle.

This is how it usually goes: I wake up, I curse myself out for not sticking to the plan, I tell myself that I'll start over in the morning, I pig out, and the next day, it happens all over again. So I'm sure you can realize how dangerous this would be when I'm on Day 14 of a 21 day cleanse. It would be stupid to mess up now, especially when I can legitimately eat solid food in less than 24 hours.

Today, I will be busier than a chicken with my head cut off. So many things to do...most of them involve exercise. This will be a tough day of working out, but I'm sure I can handle it. I'll quit anytime I'm not feeling up to it. It's my last-chance workout before my weigh-in tomorrow morning.

First on the schedule is running. I'm sort of dreading it, but excited as well. Today's 40 minutes on the treadmill will mark the end of my Nike+ walk-to-run program. This is an example of something I've restarted numerous times; however, this is my first time completing the 12-week program.

It's sort of monumental, because when I began running in July, I couldn't run for even a minute straight. Now, I'm up to 30. It's still not easy for me, but it's an accomplishment.

After this, I'll be taking a week off to let my joints recover. Then, I'm gonna start up the Nike+ 5K training program, beginner level. I should probably sign up to do a race soon, to see what my new 5K time would be. After last race, though, I'm apprehensive. More about that later.


Immediately after I step off the track, it's time to go upstairs for an hour of spinning. This will be a fun experiment. Last week when I did the inverse (spinning first, then running), my legs felt like jello, but I could make it. Let's see what happens today. I'm sure I can make it, since you take it at your own pace.

After spinning, I run some errands (i.e. hairdresser, groceries), for two hours until...


Two, count 'em two hours of a special beginner's class. Yaaaaay!

This will mark the end of my workouts for today. I'm amazed I can do this all after a week on juice and water, but surprisingly, I have just as much energy as when I was eating my junk food.

Tune in tomorrow to see an updated pic, results from my weigh-in, and my plans for solid food. Woooooooo!


  1. Doing good, girl. I am going to check out that Nike+ program. Shalom and Blessings.

  2. Thanks! Yes girl Nike+ is the bomb. I love it. Thank you, shalom and blessings to you too!