Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm sure you guys all saw me freaking out yesterday because I messed up a little. Messing up a little, turned into messing up BIG-TIME!!! I didn't stick to the cleanse. I was eating pretty much whatever was in my fridge, that I'd been depriving myself of for the past three weeks.

By the time I was supposed to go to the gym, which I would have regularly done, I was so disappointed in myself that I wrote the whole day off and vowed to get back on track in the morning. This was the first time I haven't worked out in 16 days, straight, so this wasn't so bad. But the eating killed me.

I was originally supposed to get on the scale tomorrow, but now I have no doubt that I'm over 190. I stopped counting calories around 2 pm, but at last count, I was 800 above my daily limit. I'm sure by the time I finished, I had eaten around/over 3000 calories for the day. Since I didn't work out, and my body is so weird, I'm sure I probably went from 187.5 to around 191-ish.

I sorta have a phobia of going over 189. Once I lose weight, it kills me when I go up into the next 10. For example, when I got to 199.5, I was crushed the next day when I gained half a pound and I was back to 200. Now that morale is low, if I find out that I'm back into the 190s, I could quit altogether. So, no weighing in tomorrow.

Instead, I need to bust my hump over the next three days to get well under 190. That means instead of eating the calories that I plan to burn, I will eat exactly the limit. For example, Lose It says I can net 1148 calories a day (my body burns 1148 naturally, without exercise). Most other days, I'd factor in my exercise and eat maybe 1500 or so. But for the next three days, I'm sticking to the 1148. I hope that doesn't slow my metabolism even more. There's only one way to find out.

I also plan to burn super-calories today and tomorrow. On the workout agenda today is the Friday school workout club, which should burn about 133. Then it's 2 hours of Zumba at their monthly fundraiser, which should burn 985. So for the day, I'll burn 1118. Subtract that from my 1148, and I should net 30 calories today.

Tomorrow, it will be more of the same. Powerflex should burn 179, and two hours of Zumba should burn 985. These are all conservative estimates by the way. Tomorrow, I should net -16 calories.

Sunday, all I have on the agenda is spinning. That will burn 875 calories, leading me to net 273.

If I estimate I'm around 191 now, I'd take a shot in the dark and say I should be 186-ish by Monday morning. This isn't scientific, just based off personal experience. We'll find out how close I am to being right. Hopefully I'm wrong, and I'll be under 185, so I can take more pictures! Let's find out together lol.


  1. Calm down. It happens. We don't live in a world with just food, calories, and scales around us. Forget about those past two days (after all, the glass is still more than half full), and just complete the rest of the cleanse; that will also give you a psychological boost. If you decide to follow that program again in the future, you'll know what to expect. As you were losing weight before the cleanse, you'll lose again after -- with the right balance of diet and exercise. Enjoy the new muscles that you are starting to see, continue to develop them, and RELAX !!! The next few days will be better.

  2. Lol!!! Thanks, I feel better today. Yes, you're right. Dieting and exercise aren't everything, so I shouldn't let it get me down! I'm back on track now :-D. Thanks for the great advice!