Monday, February 15, 2010

Dream Jeans

Ugh. I weighed in this morning, and found that I only lost a pound in phase 2 of the cleanse. Honestly, I can probably attribute this to my frequent improvisations.

I did bend the rules pretty frequently. For example, I was supposed to be making my own salads at home with my own (raw) ingredients. However, I was working out pretty hardcore, and getting sick because I was lacking protein. So, I went to Subway to get a veggie patty salad.

This was supposed to be a one-time thing, but that salad kept calling me back. One patty turned into two. Soon, I was eating double veggie patty salads twice a day, with double honey mustard dressing. So, I only have myself to blame.

However, it was a loss, not a gain. And if I look at the big picture, I did lose six pounds in a week. Plus, I'm feeling new muscles popping out every day.

Everybody tells me it's NOT all about the scale. Today, I'm going to buy some Dream Jeans.

Dream Jeans are what I call pants that I buy, which are the next size down. I periodically see how close I am to fitting into them. When they fit, I incorporate them in my wardrobe, until they're too big. Then, I throw them in a Space Bag and put them on the top shelf of my closet. I hope I never have to take anything out of that bag again.

In July, my Dream Jeans were a size 18. In September, they were 16s. By January, they were size 14 jeans. I had only worn a 14 once in my adult life, and that was when I was a camp counselor in college. I was back in a 16 within a month of returning to campus.

I'll never forget the day I fit into the 14s for the second time. That was about a month ago. I was so excited that they even zipped up, that I proudly wore them to work, despite my slight resulting muffin top. Since then, the jeans fit a little better. It may be because I lost more weight. Could be because I stretched them out. It's probably a little of both.

Today, I'm going to Burlington to get my size 12 Dream Jeans. To paraphrase my mom, clothes at a discount store are cut smaller than clothes sold at the more foo-foo bougie places. I'm sure if I went to a higher-end store, I'd already be a 12. Maybe even a 10. I'm gonna keep it real with myself, and buy a pair of $5 clearance jeans. Hopefully I'll be in my size 12 by April.

Below is a picture of me, today at 193 pounds. Tomorrow, tune in to see if I survive Day 1 of Phase 3 of the cleanse. juice.


  1. It amazes me as I look through your blog that you and I are at somewhat of the same place in life!! We're even the same age - I turned 28 on December 30/09. You're a little better off then me... I'm weighing in at 280lobs right now, the biggest I've EVER been!! YIKES!! It's encouraging to know that there are other people out there who are going through a similar journey!!

  2. Thanks so're right, it really is encouraging when I hear from people who are doing the same thing. Good luck to you, and stay motivated! We can do this =D

  3. It's normal to lose less as you go along. There will be some more larger gains followed by smaller ones. For best results, stick to the discipline of the cleanse. Keep on being honest. That will help too, and congrats for the jeans. Great motivation!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement! You're absolutely right. Words to live by!