Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sky's the Limit

Ok, here we go again. Today's the last day of the cleanse. I woke up way before the alarm today, which I seem to do most days now. I don't feel like a totally different person, but the cleanse has helped me break my soda addiction, and get up earlier in the mornings.

Today is the day when I'm supposed to start adding veggie protein. I've been adding it since Monday, so that's nothing new, but I'll celebrate by eating a nice bowl of Total and soy milk with my croissants.

In about an hour, I have to leave to get a bike at spinning, so I don't repeat last week's fiasco, where all the bikes are taken and I can't work out. Tomorrow's my weigh-in day, so I need this workout, especially since I haven't run all week.

I start running again tomorrow. Two miles! Wooooooooo. Then on Wednesday, it's three, and Friday, it's four. My calves are currently on fire, thanks to my overzealous Powerflex instructor from yesterday. So today's spinning and tomorrow's running should be interesting.

Yesterday, I got myself a new pair of running shoes, as a gift to myself for finishing the Nike+ walk to run program. Now, as you can see, I'm starting the Nike+ 5K training program - beginner level. At its peak, I have to run 7 miles straight. That doesn't sound like a beginner level to me! But I'll worry about that when I come to it. I never thought I could run 30 minutes, either, and I did that.

I'm not as excited about the cleanse being over tomorrow as I was during liquid week. However, for making it through (sorta!), as I promised myself, tomorrow I get to pig out on whatever I want. Sky's the limit. I'm sort of excited about the girl scout cookies that my coworker has been holding for me, but that's about it. Looking at my list now, nothing is jumping out to me, as it did before, like ooh! gotta have it! Maybe it's because I've been cheating here and there all week. Maybe that's what the cleanse is supposed to do. I think it's probably more of the latter.

Anyway, tomorrow after my weigh-in, I plan to get a donut and some hash browns for breakfast, maybe some spaghetti for lunch, and who knows about dinner? I'll play it by ear. For all I know, I'll be eating tangerines and bananas lol.

Tune in tomorrow to see how much weight I lost in total on the cleanse, and my overall assessment of it. (PS I hopped on and off the scale today, and it was in the neighborhood of 189. Hopefully today's calorie deficit will help tomorrow.)


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  3. Hey! I finally had a chance to stop by your blog. Thanks for the follow on twitter. I am now following you here, and if you want to check out my weight loss journey don't be afraid to stop by the monkie house! We don't bite, unless you're coated in chocolate or smell like Taco Bell!

  4. WOW!!! Thanks for the great links, MT! I posted them all because they are very informative for the readers. I'll definitely keep what they said in mind. And it's very interesting to see how much junk food can cost someone, yearly!

  5. Hey Brandi! Thanks for stopping by. I love your layout :-D I'm gonna add your site to my Google reader so that I can stay updated. It's great networking with you!