Friday, February 19, 2010

When in doubt...

Last night, I didn't sleep very well. As you guys probably know, yesterday was Day 11 of the cleanse, where I had to survive for 24 hours on water alone. Although the directions clearly say "GET PLENTY OF REST," I decided to be hard-headed like I always am, and not pay attention. My justification was that I had gone a day without food before, and I had felt fine the next day. Mind over matter.

So, yesterday was a day like any other. Went to work, ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill on my lunch break, went on a date with a new friend, went to Zumba...yadda yadda yadda. When I went to sleep, I was excited about getting on the scale in the morning, thinking I would see big results.

I remember waking up around 1 a.m., burning up, dizzy, nauseous, and feeling kinda like I was in someone else's body. It was worse than a fever. I felt like my legs were super-heavy. I kept going back and forth in my mind. Should I drink some juice to see if I feel better? Should I wait until morning so I get better results on the scale? Should I get off the cleanse? I even texted my running buddy around 2 am to let her know that I was probably done. Hopefully, I didn't wake her up.

I saw that my new friend had texted me a couple of hours ago, so I responded, and he gave me some great advice. He had also recently lost a lot of weight (87 pounds), so he definitely knew what he was talking about. He told me that what I'm feeling is normal, and to stick to the cleanse. So I decided to try and make myself feel better, go back to sleep, and see how I felt in the morning.

First, I drank some water, which I threw up. Then, I got a little apple juice box, and took some pain medication (I have cramps going on now, too, which complicates things). This worked like a charm. When in doubt, let it out. Sorry, that was kinda gross. But it did make me feel well enough to fall back asleep.

I woke up this morning, feeling awesome. I now have a renewed energy, and am excited that I'm drinking juice. It tastes better than it did before. I'm sure on Monday, the tangerines, bananas, apples, and salads will be the bomb.

Two more pounds down. 186.5.

Total weight lost: 37.5
To 165: 21.5
To 139: 47.5
Days left on cleanse: 9
Next scheduled weigh-in: Monday

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